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About Us

Payoutsky Limited is an international organization started since 2015 in the United Kingdom with branches and partners in the USA, Hong Kong, Philippines and the United Arab Emirates.

Payoutsky Limited is a registered investment and travel company and was created for the purpose of providing its members with the safest and most secure investment while travelling abroad. Enjoy your travel, seat back, relax and rest assured that your investment payout will soar across the sky along with our endless dreams!

Payoutsky Limited, "Where Investments and Travels matters!"




Payoutsky Plan

Economy Class Plan - Our Economy Classic and Flexi Plan are investment that takes you up to 120-150 Days at 2-3% daily rate. However, giving you a quick sum up with this plan you'll have the chance to triple up your investment after completing the plan. Accrual and Withdrawal Daily.

Business Class Plan - Our Business Classic and Flexi Plan shorten duration at 60-90 Days with interest rate of 4-5% daily. The Business Classic Plan are the best in terms of Profit genaration. Accrual and Withdrawal Daily.

First Class Plan - Our First Class A Plan at 6% for 30 Days will give you quick and immediate profit in short duration and profit not as big as the First Class F Plan. Accrual and Withdrawal Daily. While our First Class F Plan will double your investment After 20 Days Plan.  

Lay Over / Stop Over  / Delay Flight Plan - These plans are for those who wanted to take a short and quick glance of our platform and those who wanted to have a quick profit. Accrual and Withdrawal After the Plan.

Daily Forever Plan - This plan will take you to never expire plan (FOREVER) with 1% daily profit it will take 100 days to get back your Investment. Accrual and Withdrawal Daily. 




Payoutsky Investments

Below is where we put our investments for the past 4 years with the Top Airlines Company, Branded Hotels and Top Booking Sites.





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